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Trust meeting 11th July 2019 - Timeline - UPDATE#5
Sun Jul 14, 2019 10:29

I am attempting to keep this thread updated with any relevant information following the Trust meeting held on Thursday 11th July 2019.

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LATEST: 20 July 2019 - Rob Couhig – message in matchday programme

12 July 2019

Bucks Free Press publish part one of what they describe as an ‘exclusive’ feature with Rob Couhig.

These are the ALL the quotes from Rob Couhig taken from part one:

"I would love to see Wycombe in the Championship. Is it a serious ambition? I wouldn't be here if I didn't think that we could not put together an economic model that is sustainable that will give Gareth the amount of money he needs to compete to get there and to sustain it. That's what it is all about. If you are in sports and you are there to say I would like to tread water this year, then shame on you."

"[Gareth Ainsworth] is a top-notch person. He has a tremendous record in getting the most out of people with relatively little resources to back it up. I think he can do an extraordinary job if we give him the resources to do it and I have found him to be, in a profession made up of lots of prima-donnas, to be refreshingly mature and direct."

Full article

13th July 2019

Slides provided via Trust website

15th July 2019

Club publish Rob Couhig’s introduction at the 11 July 2019 meeting via You Tube.

Video also published by the Club via Linkedin

BBC Three Counties reporter and Wanderers fan Phil Catchpole spoke to Couhig and Stroud in the days following the meeting. Audio’s of these available via Phil’s blog.

Phil also managed to pin down the latest number of Legacy Members at the Club. Currently reported at 800 – therefore require 600 of these to vote in favour of any proposal for a majority shareholding.

20 July 2019 - Rob Couhig – message in matchday programme

Rob Couhig penned a message in Wycombe v Brentford programme published on Saturday 20th July 2019.

“I am excited that Wycombe Wanderers Trust has asked Feliciana EFL Limited to be part of its journey. The Trust and team have well-deserved reputations for serving the public, involvement with the community, putting the best available team on the pitch and, most importantly, for integrity. We hope that the next several months will demonstrate that our team at Feliciana is and will be worthy partners.

You can expect to see Mark Palmer, Peter Couhig, my wife, Missy, and me at games and at events in the community. Please feel free to stop and talk with any of us about the team, the stadium, or just life in general. We want to know how you think we can improve your experiences at the games. Please tell us. If all goes as expected, we believe the next formal step will be the acquisition of the majority shares in the Football Club under a unique agreement that will allow the Trust to continue ownership in the club, removal of all debt associated with the club, creation of a sustainable financial model that will allow the Wanderers to compete at a very high level, a long term lease with the Frank Adams Legacy Limited to enhance the stadium’s infrastructure and make it more amenable to you without any encumbrance from debt, and an arrangement with the training facility to have it available for the team.

As we prepare to take those steps, we are concentrating on assisting Trevor and the Trust deliver a better game day experience on and off the pitch. On the pitch, we have made sure that we will have the maximum amount of money currently available to Gareth under the Salary Cap Management Protocol. We are also working to find sustainable sources of revenue that will allow us to increase our allowable SCMP this year and into the future.

Just as importantly, we are working to make the game day experience much more enjoyable. We expect to have the best available ticket system in the world. It will be easy and efficient to use by opening day. We have made it a major point to make sure the entire facility will be spotless and ready. We are working to make sure the food and beverages available to you are both reasonably priced and worth the money.

The Trust has taken steps to put in a new large screen that will allow us to show video and provide more information to you. We expect to change out the entire sound system for the stadium within the next six weeks or so. We are upgrading team merchandise and making it more accessible.

In short, we are doing everything we can to make your time at Adams Park more enjoyable. If you have any suggestions on things, we can do to enhance your experience, please let one of the staff members know, or get in touch with me directly.

It’s going to be a great journey. Let’s have fun and GO Wanderers!”

FELICIANA EFL LIMITED - information from Companies House

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